"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made" --Psalm 139:14
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The "C" in C-Life, Inc.
is for cellular


It is from the cells that all sickness and disease originate. The nutritional counseling we focus upon is based on the one disease model, which is malfunctioning cells. Cells malfunction for one of two causes:
1) toxic overload
2) lack of nutrients


When toxins are removed and nutrients are replenished, cells rejuvenate and damaged cells are repaired.


Our Goal is to assist you in your goal of allowing your body to heal itself by helping you identify and remove toxins and add lacking nutrients. We specialize in removing toxins, adding depleted nutrients, and overall nutritional counseling.


We seek out and recommend those supplements, nutrients, homeopathies that have a proven track record with our clients.  Our essential oils are pure, therapeutic grade.